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3 Ear Cleaning Methods You Should Always Avoid

Woman Touching Ear

Despite the fact that ear cleaning is unnecessary for most people, many people still attempt to do it anyway. Every day, people around the world use dangerous strategies to try to remove wax from their ears. The ability of many of these strategies to actually get wax out is dubious at best. Oftentimes these strategies are also dangerous. Here are some of the top ear cleaning methods that you should always avoid in order to prevent injury.

1. Ear candling

Ear candling is the process of sticking hollowed out candles in your ears, lighting them, and hoping that the resulting suction lifts earwax out of your ears. Some people swear by this method. However, ear candling is a major fire hazard. So if you attempt to do this, and if something goes wrong, you could end up burning down your house. There is also a very real possibility of burning yourself or getting candle wax deep in your ear canal, which would exacerbate any wax problems you may already be having.

2. Cotton swabs

Many people think that cotton swabs are a perfectly safe and effective way to remove earwax from the ear. This is NOT true. Cotton swabs can actually cram wax further down into your ear canals, and dramatically increase the chances of you getting an earwax impaction. Further, if you use a cotton swab wrong, you could actually perforate your eardrum or scratch your ear canal. So, these too, should be avoided.

3. Paper clips

You would think that most people would assume that this is dangerous, and not attempt to clean out earwax with a paperclip. However, some people actually do use paper clips to try to fix earwax impactions or to otherwise remove wax from their ears. Not only is the paper clip an awful substitute for a medical tool, but it could have dangerous bacteria or rust on it. This means that it is actually possible to give yourself tetanus if you try to use a paper clip to clean your ears. So please, instead of doing this, just book an appointment with an audiologist and get your ears professionally cleaned. It is so much safer.

Talk more with your audiologist about what is the best ear-cleaning method for you to follow for your individual needs. They will be able to evaluate your ear health and recommend the best course of action for treatment!