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5 Common Questions About Hearing Tests

Hearing Exam

If you have never taken a hearing test before, then you may have some questions about them. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many people are curious about these exams before they go and experience them. Here are some of the five most common questions about hearing tests.

1. Are they painful?

No, hearing tests are not painful. Hearing tests are not like other types of medical tests that can be painful or very uncomfortable such as a strep throat test by a physician. Most hearing tests are very simple and do not cause any sort of discomfort.

2. How long do they take?

A hearing test appointment with an audiologist will typically take about an hour. During this time, you will be required to fill out information about your medical history related to your hearing, you will take the test and you will be given instructions based on the results of your test.

3. Which medical professional should I see for a hearing test?

Hearing tests are most commonly administered by audiologists. However, they can also be administered by a hearing instrument specialist, or by an ENT doctor. However, ENT doctors are usually busy performing more urgent medical care and so do not often administer hearing tests. It is probably best for you to do your hearing test with an audiologist.

4. What are the possible outcomes of a hearing test?

There are several different possible outcomes of a hearing test. First, you could have no hearing loss and have perfectly normal hearing levels. Second, you could have moderate hearing loss. Third, you have severe hearing loss. Hopefully, your hearing test will indicate that your hearing levels are perfectly normal. However, if you do end up showing some hearing loss, then there are options for you.

5. What happens after a hearing test if I have hearing loss?

If you do have hearing loss, then your audiologist will most likely either recommend hearing aids, lifestyle changes or medication changes. The recommendations will vary, based on what the audiologist believes the cause of your hearing loss is. Oftentimes, hearing test results will reveal the cause and severity of your hearing loss, in addition to the best treatment.  

Talk more with your audiologist if you have any questions regarding your upcoming hearing test. The audiologist wants to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in their care, and will be happy to discuss any concerns.