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Hearing Aid Features to Consider

Hearing Aid Display

Selecting the right hearing aids for your specific needs and wants can feel like an overwhelming task. From the variety of styles, manufacturers and features to choose from, this exciting time can quickly become stressful. The good news is it doesn’t have to be! Armed with some base information and the help of your audiologist, you’ll be able to pick the perfect pair of hearing aids in no time.

Your audiologist will likely make a few recommendations when it comes to the most beneficial styles and features for your particular hearing loss. Once you’ve selected the right style, it’s time to consider features. But which ones are ideal for you? Let’s learn more about some of the basic and advanced features of today’s hearing aids.

  • Automatic programming: This feature is incredibly useful in today’s noisy world. Automatic programming enables your audiologist to help set your hearing aid for multiple listening environments. Then, when you move from a quiet location like the library to a louder, busier place like a restaurant, your hearing aid will automatically switch to the correct setting for optimal hearing. This takes the guesswork away from you and makes it easy to go from place to place.
  • Background noise reduction: This feature is equipped with most hearing devices and offers the wearer an easier experience when trying to focus in a loud environment. Instead of amplifying all the sounds around you, this feature works to reduce or weed out the unimportant background noise.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are becoming more and more common. This connectivity offers a quick and simple way to wirelessly use your hearing aids with a multitude of different technologies. Using Bluetooth connectivity, wearers will be able to pair their hearing aids with common devices like speakers, sound systems, televisions and cellphones.
  • Rechargeable options: For individuals who get flustered dealing with the tiny batteries required to power hearing aids, more manufacturers are offering rechargeable docks and ports. Instead of taking out those button batteries and replacing them as you normally do, many of these units allow you to simply “dock” your hearing aids and they’ll recharge over night!

Consult your audiologist

Selecting the right hearing aid and features can feel challenging, but doesn’t have to. Talk with your audiologist about what features are most important to you and which ones they feel you would benefit most from. With the combination of their expertise and your feature knowledge, you’ll be able to find the right device for your specific needs!