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Why is it Not Necessary to Clean Your Ears?

Ear Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your ears, chances are someone has told you to use cotton swabs to clean your ear canal. However, cleaning your inner ear with cotton swabs is not only discouraged, it could cause more damage than good! Curious why you should avoid cotton swabs and deep ear cleaning all together?

Self-cleaning ears

Many people do not realize this, but our ears actually clean themselves! That earwax you are in the habit of trying to dig out of your ears is actually part of the self-cleaning process. Earwax is produced in your ear canal and collects any dirt, debris or foreign substances. When you chew, yawn and talk, the natural movements of your jaw and face actually push that earwax through your canal and out of your ear. This means the dirt and debris collected by that earwax get pushed out as well!

Cotton swab dangers

Because the earwax produced inside your ears is used to gather the dirt and debris inside your ear, it’s important to leave it there! When you use a cotton swab to clean the inside of your ear, not only are you possibly removing that beneficial substance, you may actually be pushing it deeper into your canal and could cause a blockage or infection. Also, if you are constantly removing the good earwax from your ear, you may trigger your body to make even more, which could result in too much! Additionally, because of how far cotton swabs can reach, you could even perforate an eardrum. This can cause hearing loss, infection and a lot of pain. So skip the cotton swabs (and any other point object you’re tempted to use) when it comes to your ear-cleaning routine.

Cleaning your ears

So, how are you supposed to clean your ears then? As long as you’re not suffering from frequent sudden hearing loss, ear infection or wax blockage, there’s not a lot you have to do to keep your ears clean! When you get out of the bath or shower, simply use a damp or dry cloth to clean the outer portion of your ear and remove any of the earwax that has worked it’s way out!

In the event you struggle with earwax blockages or frequent infections, schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area. The audiologist will be able to evaluate the health of your ears and make any recommendations regarding cleaning or daily maintenance!