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Hearing Aid Prescription Plan

Our patients love our no pressure approach to serving their hearing needs. We strive to be educators about hearing and trusted advisors regarding rehabilitation options. Treatment plans are based on each individual’s specific hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Hearing solutions are implemented only when the patient is ready. We take a detailed case history and perform a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation . If a hearing loss is present, we discuss results in detail then demonstrate and educate about current hearing aid technology from all 6 major hearing aid manufacturers. We combine the information you provide with the results we obtain to create an individualized Hearing Aid Prescription Plan.

At our Hearing Aid Fitting appointment, the hearing aids are programmed to the patient’s specific hearing loss. Settings of the hearing aids are then validated using Live Speech Mapping and results of this testing are explained to the patient. Live Speech Mapping is the current gold standard for verifying performance and settings of hearing aid technology. This testing also allows patients to visually “see for themselves” the settings of their hearing aids and how their investment in hearing aid technology is working to improve their hearing .

All Hearing Aid Prescription Plans include:

  • 75-Day Trial period
  • 3 Year Repair, Loss and Damage Warranty
  • Free Batteries for the life of the hearing aids up to 7 years
  • Complimentary hearing aid “Clean and Check” appointments every 3 months
  • Complimentary hearing aid adjustments