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Industrial Hearing Tests

OSHA requires that companies test employees every 12 months and new employees have to have a baseline test completed with the first 6 months of employment. That’s why we partner with manufacturing facilities in Middle Tennessee to provide onsite audiology exams for employees.

The benefits of onsite testing provides less down time and less interruption of production. Plus, employees do not have to spend time away their job duties driving back and forth to the clinic for testing.

If you’re an HR or safety manager, you can call or email to schedule testing when it’s convenient for you. We make it easy to keep your employees safe.

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How does our onsite hearing testing work?

  • You schedule a time and our audiologists will come onsite to perform industrial hearing tests for your employees
  • Each test takes about 15 minutes
  • We can handle 3 employees at a time
  • Cost depends on the number of employees at each site

We use KUDUwave technology. KUDUwave is a booth less, portable audiometer. For the most part, this technology eliminates the need for the mobile hearing test buses.

Hearing Protection Fit Testing

In addition to baseline and follow-up audiology exams, we also offer two kinds of Fit Testing.

Using the INTEGRAfit hardware/software solution, we measure real-time noise reduction as your employee wears their plugs.

During Training testing, we test the employee as they sit in a room and try different hearing protectors and measure the effectiveness of the protectors.

The second test we offer is a Compliance testing. In this scenario we take employees off the floor and conduct a fit test to check to make sure they are wearing the protectors correctly. The reason why the Fit test is important is that if the employee is not wearing the protectors correctly and suffers hearing loss the company is liable for the loss.